Media law

Media law has been a focus of my work as a lawyer from the very beginning.

Media law is a cross-sectional matter that is regulated in various laws and ordinances. These include, for example, the Copyright Act (UrhG), the Art Copyright Act (KUG), the Teleservices Act (TDG), the Telemedia Act (TMG) or the Publishing Act (VerlG).

Private and public (universal) expression, information and communication, are subject to regulations designed to protect freedom of expression and information on the one hand, and to prevent infringement by others’ expression on the other.

This applies in particular to statements made on the Internet, in the press, publishing or broadcasting, in the visual arts, photography, film or music, on blogs or social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

These include, for example, negative ratings on the Internet, the right to one’s own image (in the case of unauthorized publications), deletion of videos on YouTube or Facebook, deletion of untrue statements of fact or insults on the Internet, and more.

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