Rechtsanwalt Bauer

Bölkendorfer Strasse 36
16278 Angermünde**
Phone: +49 33365-784007
Fax: +49 33365-784008

The initial contact is usually free of charge and without obligation for you.

Contact Rechtsanwalt Bauer via e-mail form*:

Submit a simple appointment request (link).

I am available weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. via tele-walk-in on (via Zoom).
Priority appointments at short notice reserved.

Online / video conference

We can meet via video conference, which is a good substitute for an on-site meeting in most cases.

For this I suggest Zoom(, WebEx (, MS Teams (, Google Meet (, WhatsApp ( or Skype (

Please contact the respective service provider for information on the respective requirements, data protection regulations, etc.

Messenger service: WhatsApp (

Scan with WhatsApp to start a chat.

Please ask for my current Public PGP-Key for the encrypted sending of e-mails.

You can also find me via Google Maps.

* Communication by e-mail is considered fundamentally insecure. It must be anticipated that e-mails could be intercepted and read and/or modified before delivery.
Please do not solicit with phone calls or using electronic mail.

* required

** Receipt of documents
Please notify me in advance by e-mail or fax if you wish to have documents delivered exclusively by mail or exclusively in person (e.g. by dropping them in the mailbox), in particular documents subject to deadlines, by you as a client or by anyone interested in a mandate, so that an unnecessary delay in processing can be avoided.

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