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I am a lawyer specializing in civil law, in particular information society law and intellectual property law.

My areas of practice:

  • General civil law, especially sales law (e-commerce, selling Europe-wide), law of contracts for work and services, construction law (construction defects; building permit), neighbor law, declaration of revocation
  • Information technology law (IT law) – software development/distribution, IT projects, law of digitalization, industry 4.0, web design, internet law, data protection (Data Protection Regulation – DSGVO)
  • Intellectual property, e.g. copyright and trademark law (including cease-and-desist letters, e.g. due to downloads by file sharing)
  • Media law, e.g. press law, publishing law, right of expression (e.g. ratings, comments)
  • Commercial law, corporate law, cooperation between companies, law of associations, labor law, insolvency law
  • Competition law, also in e-commerce (e.g. web stores, general terms and conditions, advertising law, eBay)
  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts, general terms and conditions (also in English); localization from the Anglophone language area
  • Business mediation
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