Services: Overview, description and cost

I am an attorney for civil law and business law, a specialist attorney for information technology law as well as a business mediator.

My main practice areas are:
Information Technology – Intellectual Property – Cooperations

  • Information technology law (IT law) – software development/distribution, IT projects, law of the information society and digitalization, Industry 4.0, web design, internet law, data protection (Data Protection Regulation – DSGVO)
  • General civil and commercial law, in particular sales law (e-commerce, selling Europe-wide), law on contracts for work and services, building law (construction defects), neighbor law, service contract, drafting and negotiating contracts, general terms and conditions (also in English); localization from the Anglophone language area
  • Employment law (telework / home office / remote work; actions for protection against dismissal)
  • Intellectual property, e.g. copyright and trademark law (including warning letters, e.g. due to downloads by file sharing)
  • Corporate law, cooperation law, cooperation between companies, GmbH, GbR, association law
  • Media law, e.g. press law, publishing law, right of expression (e.g. ratings, comments)
  • Competition law, especially in e-commerce (e.g. web stores, general terms and conditions, advertising law, eBay, declaration of revocation)
  • Business mediation

I provide my legal services in a competent, experienced, qualified, discreet and reliable manner.

The first call is free of charge and usually lasts up to 10 minutes. Often you will already receive a rough initial legal classification of the matter.

An initial consultation (Erstberatung) on one complex of topics currently costs EUR 49.98 (incl. VAT) and usually lasts up to 30 minutes. This is usually connected with the review of documents during the conversation. Within one conversation you will receive a first and rough consultation for a low all-inclusive price. In many cases, the matter is already legally clarified for you. Also suitable for obtaining a second opinion! More information here.

Until further notice, the initial call and initial consultation, as well as other appointments, usually take place by telephone or online (via video-call), the initial consultation may also take place by e-mail. Please feel free to contact me!

In the absence of an express agreement, the German Lawyers’ Fees Act (RVG) applies to billing, which essentially bases costs on the amount in dispute. For many cases, this ensures proper legal processing and a fair remuneration.

For other cases, a remuneration agreement is reached. The hourly rate is very competitive, my working method very rational.

Service description

The client essentially determines the amount of work to be done and thus his or her costs, especially in the case of billing according to time spent. The more legal work is done, the more secure the legal position usually is.

There are four different levels of service in the provision of my legal services:

  1. Often, the client is instructed to “look over the matter, assess what the legal position is and, if necessary, write a letter”. The client typically specifies a rather tight time frame and the effort to be expended, the costs are to be rather limited. The standard of performance is comparable to that of an initial consultation.
  2. The matter is quite important to the client and must be properly processed, using reasonable time as well as appropriate legal means, but with a view to the effort and costs involved. The effort is of a medium nature and quality.
  3. The matter is very important to the client and a correspondingly increased effort is justified here. High costs are also justified in the overall view.
  4. Finally, there is the quasi-scientific elaboration, where time and money hardly play a role. Such an assignment is rather the exception.

For a particularly accelerated processing beyond the normal, a surcharge of 25% can be agreed upon if necessary, as well as a surcharge of possibly further 50% for work outside the regular business hours (weekends, holidays, after hours) on the hourly rate. Compliance with deadlines, for which I have assumed responsibility, is of course independent of any additional agreement.

Last but not least, your cooperation is, of course, a decisive factor in ensuring that my legal services help you achieve the best possible success.

Of course, you can contact me at any time regarding the desired service as well as the costs incurred or to be expected!

The terms and conditions of the mandate apply.

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