General civil and commercial law

For more than 25 years I have been dealing with civil law in my studies and practice, since 2004 as a lawyer, since 2008 as a specialist lawyer. I advise you competently and experienced in the area of general civil law, in particular on the law of sales and contracts for work and services. This includes, for example, the enforcement of warranty claims, warranty claims, claims for rescission of the contract, reduction of the purchase price and claims for damages.

I will help you draft a contract and general terms and conditions or when it comes to the validity, revocability and terminability of contracts and individual contract clauses.

General civil law includes those matters that regulate the legal relationships of persons among themselves.

This includes, for example, the law of contractual obligations, e.g. the law of sales and contracts for work and services, the law of tenancy or the law of service contracts, or the law of claims for damages in case of infringement of rights or claims for restitution of assets (unjust enrichment, claims for restitution of property, etc.).

Claims for the removal and omission of impairments also belong here (e.g. protection of property and honor and neighboring rights).

Commercial law comprises the civil law regulations specifically for merchants. This includes, for example, the law governing distribution agreements.

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